Selling Your Pittsburgh House: How to Get a Quick Cash Sale

If you’re selling your house in Pittsburgh on the open market, it’s a good idea to make the property appealing to potential buyers especially if you’re hoping for a quick sale. You don’t need to spend lots of money but you do need to prepare your home, so spend some time getting it ready before putting it on the market. When your thinking about “selling my house Pittsburgh-PA,” you should think of your house as a commodity rather than a home to which you are emotionally attached.

Preparing Your Pittsburgh-PA House For A Quick Sale

It’s definitely worth the effort taking some time to prepare your home as a good presentation can mean the difference between a home that remains on the market unsold until you have to lower the asking price and a Pittsburgh home that sells fast for the full asking price.

Keep in mind, selling your house Pittsburgh-PA is a competition between you and other properties on the market. To win and achieve a quick sale you need to grab the attention of buyers, so the property must be presented well and competitively priced.

A Great Home Presentation + A Competitive Price = A Fast Pittsburgh Home Sale

When you’re hoping to sell your house fast in Pittsburgh-PA, it’s important to present it as a buyer would wish and not as you personally would like. You need to show potential buyers what they’re looking for from a house. This means a clean and tidy home, with plenty of light, space and storage.

8 Steps to Selling Your House Fast in Pittsburgh-PA

The point of presenting your home well is not only to obtain a quick sale but also to sell for the full asking price, giving potential buyers no reason to offer lower. Follow the 8 steps below to give yourself the best chance of achieving this.

1. Clean Your House Until It’s Sparkling!.

Clean your Pittsburgh House from top to bottom, inside as well as out. If items such as carpets need a professional clean or curtains need dry cleaning, it’s worth spending the money to do so. Giving your Pittsburgh house a thorough clean will need a lot of time and effort but don’t skimp and remember to keep it this way until it sells. Many sellers make a half hearted attempt at tidying and cleaning so make yours stand out from the rest — you’ll sell before they do!

2. Declutter Your Pittsburgh House

By getting rid of the clutter in your home you’ll create lots of space and make your home look much bigger. It will give the impression of being a neat, tidy and well-organised home, which is what a buyer wants.

Decluttering your Pittsburgh house is not only a necessity for selling but is therapeutic for the seller too and is a good way of emotionally preparing yourself to move home. A must if you want to sell my house Pittsburgh-PA!

Decluttering your Pittsburgh House will help to:

  • Look at your property as a commodity for sale. This is essential for making good business decisions.
  • Break emotional ties with your house. In extreme cases this can impair judgement and prevent a quick sale.
  • Concentrate on a new home and new life when you move.

When you think you’ve finished decluttering, have another look in your cupboards and other storage spaces. Are they full? If so, you really need to consider getting rid of some more or putting some items into rented storage. Cupboards and storage spaces shouldn’t be filled to more than 75%. Serious potential buyers will open cupboards to have a look inside. If they look crammed, the buyer will assume there isn’t enough storage space and decide your house isn’t for them. Don’t lose out on a potential quick sale because of cluttered cupboards and storage!

Serious potential home buyers will open cupboards to have a look inside. If they look crammed, the buyer will assume there isn’t enough storage space and decide your house isn’t for them. Don’t lose out on a potential quick sale because of cluttered cupboards and storage.

3 Complete DIY Jobs And Perform Maintenance.

A house that is well maintained will always be desirable for any potential buyer. For each unfinished DIY task or problem that needs fixed, you’ll lose money in any offer you receive. Hire a professional if necessary and get all projects and maintenance jobs completed to give the best chance of a quick sale at the best possible price.

4. First Impressions Count!

The first view of your Pittsburgh -PA house by any potential buyer is important. The inside of your home may look great but if the outside doesn’t match, you’re reducing your chances of making a quick sale. Have a look at your home from outside and walk from the pavement to your front door. Does everything look well maintained and cared for? Does your home look as well if not better than other properties in your street?

5. Depersonalise Your Pittsburgh House

This is a very effective tip for those who have been searching, “sell my house Pittsburgh-PA,” or “Sell My House Fast Pittsburgh-PA” and is one of the secrets used in show houses by property builders. For a buyer to want to buy your home, he needs to be able to imagine himself living there and this isn’t possible with lots of your family’s personal belongings everywhere. This is why show houses never have any personal items or family portraits and are always anonymous.

To achieve this look in your home, pack into storage all family photos, holiday souvenirs, collectibles, children’s artwork, trophies and certificates. Remember, a buyer doesn’t want to buy your Pittsburgh-PA home — he wants to buy your house and make it his home!

6. Neutralise Your Pittsburgh Home

This continues on from depersonalizing your home and is a very effective way of achieving a quick sale. Color is a personal taste and what one person likes another will hate so don’t let your home color schemes affect the sale of your property. Remove color from your home completely by painting the walls a neutral color like magnolia or cream. Repainting bold colors and highly individual interiors to something more neutral is a very cost effective way of adding value to your home. Rooms will appear larger and brighter — major selling points for any property. By neutralizing color, you’re creating a blank canvas that prospective buyers will love. It helps give them positive visions of what their lives could be like living in the property.

7. Define Each Room.

Sometimes when living in a home, the use of some rooms can be blurred over time. A spare bedroom turns into a storage area, the dining room turns into a children’s playroom or part of the lounge turns into an office.

If this sounds like your home, you should consider converting the rooms back into their original use. This makes sense financially and can improve your chances of selling because certain rooms are perceived as being more valuable than others. Bedrooms are worth more than office space and a dining room is worth more than a playroom.

Use this time as a good opportunity to make your home appear larger. Take out all non-essential furniture and other items and put them into storage. This will gives lots of extra room and add valuable floor space.

Pay a visit to a few show homes if you can. This will give you good examples of how minimal furniture defines the use of a room and can achieve a fast sale. This is what you should be aiming for in your own property. Always keep in mind — space sells!

8. Eliminate Any And All Odors!

  • Smoking
  • Cooking
  • Pets
  • Blocked drains
  • Damp

All the things listed above can give off nasty odours around the home — not good when you’re showing potential buyers around. Get rid of any smells fast! While your property is on the market, open windows frequently to allow air to circulate and keep your home smelling clean and fresh.

Preparing For A Fast Home Sale

Use the 8 steps listed above to ensure you sell you house fast Pittsburgh-PA. However, another point worth bearing in mind and just as important is the following concept:

“Buyers are not looking to buy property! What they’re really looking to buy is a better life. Property just happens to be the way they’ll get it”.

To really attract buyers to your Pittsburgh house and entice the highest offers, you need to make the buyer want exactly what you have. Show them a better life and you’re guaranteed to make a quick sale!

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