Six Things Not To Do If You Want To Sell My House Fast Pittsburgh-PA

You are planning on selling your house in Pittsburgh-PA and you want to do it as quickly as possible. To get a home buyer interested in purchasing your property, you must create the right atmosphere. Unfortunately, there are lots of things you can do to create the wrong atmosphere which means you may be stuck with your home for a while. Here’s a list of what not to do if you want to sell your home fast:

Allow Your Home Buyer To Be Greeted By Insects In The Kitchen

If you have a problem with ants, roaches, or other bugs, it is worth the extra effort to get an exterminator in to eliminate this problem. If a potential home buyer sees a cockroach scurry across the floor while touring your Pittsburgh house, it is going to be a major turnoff and maybe even a deal breaker.

Annoying Pets During A Pittsburgh Home Showing

If you have pets, it is probably best to keep them sequestered if you are trying to, “sell my house fast Pittsburgh-PA”. Not everyone is as fond of animals as you may be, and some people are downright afraid of dogs. Plus, a barking dog can be a major distraction. If possible, take your dog on a long walk or a car ride during your house showing.

Strange Odors In Your Pittsburgh House

The most common odors that potential home buyers find offensive are pet smells, musty odors, and the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke. Unfortunately, you may become tolerant to these smells and not notice them after a period of time. It might be best to have your next-door neighbor give you an honest opinion regarding the smell of your home.

Excessive Clutter Throughout Home

If your house is cluttered, a buyer’s going to have a hard time envisioning what it would be like to live in your humble abode. You house should be as organized as possible. Clutter applies not only to items left lying about, but also applies to your décor. Your house should be neatly decorated with tasteful furnishings with a minimum of knick knacks lying around to distract the potential buyer. To sell your home fast, you need to create a desirable impression.

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Screaming, Children and Anxious Pittsburgh Home Buyers

If possible, take your family on an excursion during a home showing. A potential buyer can become very distracted if you and your family are in the setting. Plus, they feel more self conscious as if they are invading your privacy and it can cause you to not sell my house Pittsburgh-PA.

Dirty Kitchens And Bathrooms

This is an easy one to correct. Some cleaning aids and a little elbow grease will make your bathroom and kitchen an asset rather than an eyesore. Many Pittsburgh home buyers will leave right away if they see a dirty house and not even consider it!

In Conclusion

If you have been searching, “sell my house Pittsburgh-PA” and want to sell it fast, make sure you avoid these potential home selling deal breakers at all costs. Keeping your property clean and organized will help you liquidate the property quickly!