How Can I Sell My House Pittsburgh With A Property Tax Lien On It?

Selling A House With A Property Tax Lien Pittsburgh

Owing money to IRS often results in them placing a property tax lien on your property.  A federal tax lien makes it harder for you to sell your house fast Pittsburgh or get a mortgage until the debt is paid off.  A property tax lien also attaches to things you own such as money, vehicles, and any other property you own. Even if your facing foreclosure  or bankruptcy it will not clear it up.  Also, any citizen that is past due on their federal taxes is subject to a tax lien. 


But a federal tax lien does not mean the IRS has taken over your home. But if you want to sell the house Pittsburgh, the IRS has a right to collect the money you owe from the sale of your home if everything is not handled correctly.  Also, you could have some trouble selling your house Pittsburgh if you have a property tax lien, though. It is listed on the title report and this may cause potential buyers to hesitate in the purchase. Buyers may be worried about other debts or issues with the property if they find out about the tax lien.

Options For Selling A Property With A Property Tax Lien Pittsburgh

1. Pay What You Owe In Full

The best option for selling your Pittsburgh house when you have a property tax lien is to pay the taxes on your own. If you have the amount available, then the best advice is to pay the property tax lien as soon as you can.

2.Ask For A Lien Withdrawal

A Pittsburgh property tax lien withdrawal will remove the public Notice of Federal Tax Lien and shows that the IRS is not competing with other creditors for your property. But you are still liable for the debt. But, if you have to apply for a withdrawal and the IRS determines whether you qualify or not. They normally make you set up a payment arrangement at that time. In addition, the IRS may not even consider you for a lien withdrawal unless you owe less than $25,000 and can pay it off in 60 months or less.

3. Sell Your House Pittsburgh PA 

Depending on the value of your Pittsburgh home and the amount of equity you have available in it, this is one of the best options available to you. Also, you could request the IRS to “discharge” the lien and use your sales proceeds to pay off the IRS. A discharge removes the lien from the house so that it can transfer to the new owner, free of the lien. In addition, You would need to provide the IRS with complete documentation of the sale. The best move, if you expect the IRS to put a tax lien on your home, is to sell it before the lien is triggered.

Sell My House Fast Pittsburgh With A Property Tax Lien

If you’re looking to sell my house fast in Pittsburgh Pensylvania, knowing all your options is essential.  If you are looking to sell a property with a tax lien Pittsburgh, we buy houses Pittsburgh any condition even ones that still owe back taxes. If you have a Pittsburgh property tax lien, we'll buy your home for cash, and the deal can be done in as little as 7 days. That’s especially true because there are currently fewer homes available then there are people looking to buy. If you want to sell your house with back property taxes Pittsburgh, contact us today! (412) 301-7887 or 

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