We Buy Pittsburgh Houses In Any Condition

In Pittsburgh, Selling a house in that needs repairs can be difficult. How much should you invest in repairing the home? In addition, what is your Pittsburgh-PA distressed house worth? Most often homes like this aren’t normally found online on the MLS and are often avoided by many realtors. The main reason for this is that there isn’t a high market for them. But, selling a distressed house in Pittsburgh-PA can be accomplished if you contact Cash For Homes Pittsburgh!


If you attempting to sell a contractor special, Pittsburgh house, one of the things you want to avoid doing is spending extra money on the home to sell it. In addition, it often doesn’t make sense to repair a house before attempting to selling it. Therefore, without any type of guarantees that you will get a return on your investment, you could be wasting money for no reason. Also, if the Pittsburgh home repairs are only cosmetic; you could finish them the way you like and alienating someone with different tastes. Finally, avoid completing any repairs to the home unless you are 100% certain it will be worth it.

What Home Repairs Will Cost You

As building materials continue to rise in price, knowing how much it will cost you to repair your distressed house in Pittsburgh is extremely important. Cash For Homes Pittsburgh will save you the additional stress of have several contractors submit estimates and watching them works to make sure the work is being completed to the standard you want. In addition, we'll pay cash for your Pittsburgh-PA house that needs repairs in as little as 7 days.

Average Price Of Home Improvements

  • Carpeting Entire Home-$2200-$3100
  • Paint Exterior of Home-$4800-$8600
  • Paint Interior of Home-$4200-$5100
  • Update Single Bathroom-$4500-$5100
  • Kitchen Remodel-$12,200-$18,300
  • New Shingle Roof-$8000-$9000
  • Update HVAC & A/C-$6500-$7500
  • Install Vinyl Siding-$9500-$10,500

Its Hard To Sell A Damaged House In Pittsburgh-PA

Our team of professionals encounter every type of damaged house in Pittsburgh. Cash For Homes Pittsburgh has purchased homes with pest problems, it’s really hard to sell a hoarder’s house in Pittsburgh-PA the normal way with a real estate agent. In addition, contact us for a free no-obligation fair cash offer, we'll buy it! Our professionals will assist you sell your house fast Pittsburgh-PA, regardless of the situation! Even if your going through a divorce, we can help you today!

We Love To Buy Pittsburgh Houses In Disrepair

In the Pittsburgh area, Cash For Homes Pittsburgh has purchased 100’s of disrepair houses. With 90% of them needing $1000’s of dollars in repairs and we paid cash to the Pittsburgh-PA homeowners. In addition, several of the property owners were stunned that we purchased their houses and we have become the #1 rated Pittsburgh home buyer for disrepair property owners.

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